Recital FAQ

Is participation in the yearly recital mandatory?

Our yearly recitals give each student a chance to show their family and friends how far they’ve progressed throughout the year. While participation is not mandatory, we highly recommend taking part in this very rewarding experience.

When can we purchase recital tickets?

Recital tickets go on sale one week before the recital. To purchase tickets tuition and other fees must be paid in full. All seats are reserved. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase.

How long is the recital?

Each recital is approximately 4 hours. DCPA recital is held at 4:00 PM at West Mifflin High School.

Can we leave the recital after my child has danced?

Yes. You will be permitted to leave the auditorium ONLY AFTER THE DANCE ON STAGE IS FINISHED. You can pick up your child backstage where you dropped them off before the show. Students in the first half of the recital must report backstage 20 minutes before showtime. Those students in the second half will report backstage during INTERMISSION.

Are we allowed to videotape or take pictures during the show?

You may videotape during DRESS REHEARSAL only. Absolutely no flash photography is allowed as it will distract the performers. You may take pictures during DRESS REHERASAL. A professional DVD of the recital will be available for purchase.

Am I allowed backstage to check on my child?

No. DCPA has monitors that will take care of your child once they are dropped off backstage. We want parents to enjoy their child’s performance and have peace of mind that our backstage monitors will be in charge of costumes, bathroom needs, and getting your child on stage, off stage and safely back to the dressing room.

Why does my child need to wear makeup during the recital?

Stage light can “wash out” the facial features of performers especially in pictures and video. Makeup is used to help prevent this from happening.